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Compatible for 2009-2020 year Audi MMI 3G, 3G+
Compatible for 2009-2020 year Audi Concert /Audi Symphony
Compatible for 2009-2020 year VW RNS 510, VW 3G for RNS 315,VW Premium 8 systems
Compatible for 2005-2011 Year Mercedes with  AMI music interface

NOT compatible for 2006-2009 year Audi MMI 2G  system.
NOT compatible for Audi Navigation Plus with  AMI music interface.
NOT compatible for 2012-2020 year Mercedes.



Compatible for 2004-2009 year Audi MMI 2G system. 

NOT Compatible for 2009-2020 year Audi MMI 3G, Audi Concert,Audi Symphony.



Compatible for 2008 year-2012 year BMW CCC and CIC system. 
Compatible for Mini Cooper USB+AUX iPod Music Interface. 
Compatible for Porsche USB+AUX iPod Music Interface. 

NOT Compatible for 2013 year-2020 year BMW NBT  system. 
NOT Compatible for USB only type iPod connector 



Compatible for any model of Land Rover old 30 pin wide iPod
Compatible for Land Rover LR4 2010-2011
Compatible for Range Rover 2004, Defender 90 SVX 2009,  Range Rover 2009-2012, Range Rover HSE 2012
Compatible for Jaguar XF 2009-2010,XKR 2009, XK 2010,XKR 2011, XKR-S 2013 

NOT Compatible for USB-iPod type iPod connector.



compatible for 2009-2020 year Audi MMI 3G, 3G+,  Audi Concert/Symphony
compatible for Audi Navigation Plus with 30 pin connector
compatible for 2009-2020 year VW RNS 510, VW 3G for RNS 315,VW Premium 8 systems
compatible for 2005-2011 year Mercedes with  AMI music interface
compatible for 2006-2013 year BMW CIC/  CCC system(USB+AUX connector)
compatible for 2006-2013 year MINI CIC /  CCC system (USB+AUX connector)
Compatible for diversified cars equipped  with iPod music interface. BUT doesn't work with USB-iPod cable.

NOT compatible for 2006-2009 year Audi MMI 2G  system. 
NOT compatible for Audi Navigation Plus with AMI music  interface.
NOT compatible for 2012-2020 year Mercedes.
NOT compatible for Mercedes White iPod Cable
NOT compatible for 2013-2020 year BMW NBT  system
NOT compatible for USB-iPod cable.(Some nissan  has USB-iPod connector, it won't work with it)


DockLinQ Pro

Compatible for Original Bose SoundDock, Bose SoundDock I,  SoundDock II, Portable SoundDock, SoundDock 10 and  other 30 pin iPod/iPhone Music Docking Stations,  please check #5 main picture for compatibility list. 

Not compatible for all docks.  Please check #6 picture for UN-COMPATIBILITY list. 
Don't buy DockLinQ for car docks.  We propose buy our Airdual bluetooth adapter for car docks.



Will the Airdual work for me?

The Airdual will work with most devices (cars, motorcycles, home stereos, etc..) that have iPod integration. The easiest way to know for sure is to plug an iPod or iPhone into your car. If it works then one of our devices can usually extend your iPod integration with bluetooth capabilities. Which should I purchase for our vehicle?

What's the difference between 2GEN and 3GEN models?

2GEN is made for 2G MMI systems and 3GEN is for the 3G and 3G+ MMI systems. Go to the "SYSTEM TYPE" section to learn which audio sstem you have and which adapter is designed for your Audi.

Can I control my music via steering wheel controls?

The Airdual bluetooth adapter will also allow for the use of the steering wheel functions. If you are using an iPhone for streaming purposes then the adapter will also allow you to see the song titles on your entertainment screen as they are playing.

Does this device connect automatically when you get in the car or do you have to re-pair it everytime?

Once it is Bluetooth synced, it will automatically connect when it gets power from the car.

Why I should buy this adapter instead of other adapters on the market?

Our biggest competitors use Bluetooth 2.1 technology in their adapters. Our 4.0+EDR technology is more stable, faster and delivers better sound quality.

Can I still use hands-free calling if my car has it?

Our Bluetooth adapter works in tandem with the built-in Bluetooth hands-free voice calling functionality of your car (if any). You will still be able to make and receive calls as you do today, including voice-activated dialing. Listening to music over receiver does not affect this functionality. If you make or receive a call while receiver active, the audio is temporarily switched to the phone call, and is automatically switched back when the call is ended.

Will it work with my Samsung Galaxy S9 or iPhone X?

Yes, it works with all Android Bluetooth devices, including iPhones and tablets.